What if your idea of a smash hit sounded a little like...

  • launching your signature course to an audience that's waiting for you to launch with baited breath - without breaking a sweat

  • having a steady stream of income that’s as passive as you want

  • selling your course in a way that doesn’t feel gross


Enter: Me

Stage Right.

I got my start as a virtual assistant in 2017, and have been lucky enough to work behind the scenes for some big copywriters and online coaches and became obsessed with the written word, and how it influences buying decisions.

As I’ve observed successful (and not successful) launches in real time - I’ve come to learn what makes a course a hit - or an epic fail.

In fact, one of my clients has surpassed $925K in course sales as of April 2021.

"If Grace didn’t live so far away, I’d have her working in my office 40 hours a week. I almost don’t want to tell others how good she is so I can keep her to myself."

-Dan Cuprill, CFP(R)

Advisor Architect, LLC


My process always begins with discovering who you’re selling your course to - your ideal client (this gets hella specific). All of your course content and promo content gets created for that ideal client - in an ethical, aligned way.

Imagine walking into a huge party. Literally millions of people mingling and trying to be the center of attention. That’s the interwebs in 2021, baby! 

Talk about information overload - you’ve gotta do something HUGE to stand out. 

Knowing who you’re selling to is the first step to getting their attention. Like getting their name in neon lights - hard to miss!


So, while I do believe in injecting as much “you” as possible into every piece of copy you put into the world, I believe your focus should always be your target first. 


 As we finally get out of this goddamn pandemic, we’re going to see a shift to more online learning - and you can either get on that train or watch it choo-choo right past you.


Did reading that give you tingles? Me too.​

"Grace made some small tweaks to an email that ended up being one of my most opened and replied-to emails ever!"

-Becky Keen

Soul-Centered Business Coach